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Suitable for all moisture-sensitive flooring and coatings


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Moisture Vapor Reduction Admixture:


Added to the mix at the batch plant or job site and is designed to benefit all types of slabs: below-grade, on-grade and above-grade.


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Building green? Barrier One has the following sustainable characteristics:

- Improves energy performance
- Extends material life
- Improves indoor environmental quality
- Promotes occupant comfort
- Regional materials sourcing

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Creating an aseptic environment?
Our biocide additive inhibits microbial growth.


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Barrier One offers an AIA-approved HSW course.


"Removing Concrete Moisture
From The Construction Process"


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BARRIER ONE:  the cubic yard solution to a square foot problem

Barrier One Moisture Vapor Reduction Admixture is a very unique, complex formula that is free of all volatile organic compounds (VOC). It is specifically designed to have a natural chemical reaction with pre-existing elements inside the concrete to eliminate the route of moisture vapor emission through the slab by restricting the integral capillary system. The chemical reaction forms a permanent barrier (capillary break) that is integral to the concrete, insoluble and irremovable.

In short, Barrier One removes the necessity for field moisture testing, expensive topical remediation systems, and endemic project delays due to the inability to install flooring on schedule.



Nova Award

Barrier One is the proud recipient of a 2012 NOVA award. The NOVA Award is the Construction Innovation Forum’s (CIF) most distinguished honor instituted in 1989 to recognize innovations that represent proven cost savings and quality improvement on actual projects.

The NOVA Award has a serious mission: to illuminate the innovations and innovators that have made important contributions to the construction industry. A jury of internationally recognized experts selects NOVA winners after an intense and thorough investigative process.

CIF has presented more than 80 NOVA Awards to innovations involving 12 countries: Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Great Britain, Holland, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and United States.